We make a solution from a knot


We want to be the best, largest and most innovative manufacturer of knotty engineering products in the country.


We are a company that, through technology, transforms the wood and its knots in new engineered products generating economic and social welfare for our customers, collaborators and investors.

“We are a lumber company whose specialization is the manufacture of Radiata Pine engineered products. This is our first time as exhibitors in a fair”. Edgardo Zárate explains that “a series of controlled processes are added to the raw material in order to make products such as boards, beams, solid moldings, but always concerned of being in communication with the responsible use of resources”. Lemu Products has been FSC certified since 2016 in supply chain FSC®(FSC – C131255). “We are working in the development of new products under the same vision, adding value and taking care of our forests. We are interested in developing new products and being open to understanding people and not only the market”.

Lemu Products Ltda, "we make a solution from a knot", is a wood remanufacturing company located on Route 160 which connects the cities of Concepción and Coronel. 

We started activities in July 2013 and after 5 years we have consolidated our operations with a clear orientation to the manufacture of wood engineered products.
Our main products are:

- Engineered components for the interior of doors (door rails) 

- Multi laminated and semi-structural finger jointed beams of high resistance to humidity 

- Solid or finger jointed, clear or knotty panels

- Clear solid moldings and Flat Jambs

We have been FSC certified since 2016 and we deliver products in the domestic market as well as international.

We have a complete production line composed of finger joint machines, moulders, radio frequency press, double end tenoner, sanders amongst others.

An increase in our productive capacity during 2018, allowed us to also offer pressing, moulding, squaring and finger jointing services.


(+56) 9 5408 8530
Avenida Portuaria 1009, Parque Industrial Coronel, Coronel

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